Saturday, November 15, 2014

Day one of the Layoff

*Note - the change in my employment is legally referred to as a reduction in work force not a lay off but that just didn't make a good blog title.

Yesterday my position at the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis was eliminated. It is hard being laid off and in some ways even harder being laid off by the "Church." I have my moments of tears, self doubt and what the ...s??? I also have received lots of encouragement from friends and co-workers.  In addition to my work as the Respect Life Coordinator,  I freelance wrote for the Catholic Spirit and write a blog on Catholic Hotdish.  I have been encouraged to keep writing and today when I was feeling much self pity I thought I should blog about the journey though being laid off.
I will try to be open and honest as I move through emotions but unlike the younger generation I will try not to live my life in the public.
That living life out loud has some drawbacks but has some perks.  I hope with this sharing of my journey I will have some accountability.  Accountability in not only committing to move through and on but accountability to writing every day.
So here goes:
Day One - 
My 20 year old son gave me advise on getting through this. He has some experience on getting "let go" at jobs... as we say. He said, " Mom, take this weekend and be mad, sad, angry and feel sorry for yourself, but just for this weekend. Come Monday you will realize you were never happy at that job anyway." I love that boy....

Wallowing 101
1. Booze - Your favorite  Mine is a Manhattan.
2. Netflix stupid movies.  I  binge on Scandal.  What you choose doesn't matter.  It can engage you or numb you.
3. Comfort food.  Again this is up to personal taste.  For me its is these awesome Pillsbury Apple Turnovers and Chips. Not together of course.  And just for good measure I bought a pound of butter.  You can never have too much butter.

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4.  Pick up the fitness schedule at your local gym, YMCA or Community Center.  After a weekend of wallowing you are going to need it. 


  1. Hi, Sharon. I had not realized you left the Archdiocese. Your son had some good advice. Writing is good therapy and I hope you continue doing it. Good luck and I hope you get something very good soon.

    Jim Koepke

  2. Just ask yourself... "Where is God taking me now?" I can't wait! :)
    (I don't really get those profile choices, so I am going to show as Anonymous.... Ginny C.